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Digital Solutions
Boost your Success

Imagine if there was no Facebook or Google Ads, How would you be doing business then? I create a direct and indirect marketing strategy to combine every possible resource to take advantage of and If you ask me then Paid Marketing would be my Last Approach.



Easy, Call me right away and let’s discuss where your company exactly is and what Resources you’d be required to see you your company where you dream it at to be.

I have Created Multiple Sections including my Case studies, Experience, Skills, Edits Etc which you can access through this link – https://hotshotmarketer.in/my-expertise/

Only First Payment is going to be Upfront so to Identify you as a Positive Client and Rest of the Payments would be Weekly After Work, So If I fail to Perform or Meet the Deadline and you don’t feel like to work with me anymore then you wouldn’t be asked for any Payment therefore you are not paying anything in advance except for the first payment so you don’t need to worry about Refund Policy.

1. You Receive an E-mail asking your company details.

2. I do my homework to understand the nature of your company and it’s current pain points.

3. I call you and we discuss what exactly you required and how I can Fulfill those requirements within the attributes you have paid for.

4. A contract is being signed.

5. I Create a marketing/business development strategy which you reviews and approve

6. Once the strategy is Approved, I start working on it right away

Creating a marketing/business development strategy takes 1-3 Days based on the nature and size of the company

Yes, you can hire me for specific work such as Copywriting, Product Photography, Video Editing, Graphic Designing, Business Strategist etc.

A brief Marketing Strategy will be given over a phone call, video call or through a video format with an explain on a white board but it won’t be given in text/ppt/pdf format before you buy any plan.

Weekly Report - Weekly Growth
Weekly Payment


Weekly Payment
35,000 /Month
  • Ad Campaign Design
  • Ad Campaign Copywriting
  • Tailored Strategy
  • Landing Page Design & Copywriting
  • Email Automation Setup
  • Email Marketing
  • Growth Guaranteed


Weekly Payment
60,000 /Month
  • Complete Startup Plan
  • Website Design & Copywriting
  • Social Media Robust Planning
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Video Ads (Micro Videos)
  • Weekly Blogs & Vlogs
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Growth Guaranteed


Weekly Payment
100,000 /Month
  • Complete Growth Plan
  • Sales Script and Closing Training
  • Sales Consulting for Higher Conversions
  • Weekly Reports
  • Verifying Leads Through Follow Ups
  • Lead to Conversions
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Growth Guaranteed

Talk to me to figure out what you need out of your ad so we Finalize a goal for a Month.

Understanding your Goal, I’ll provide you an estimation of numbers of Sales, Reach, CPC, Engagement, Conversion for first 1-10 Days and then more accurate Numbers for from 11th day.

Payment is going to be done into 4 cycles, one each week and I am confident about my work so I want you to feel confident about your first initiative, as soon as the first payment is done, your work get started Right Away.

Voila, You are now ready to focus on your Business, forget about ads, You’ll be given an Improvement Report Every week Only after which the Next Payment will be Expected.