Airtel Platinum Review and Plan Details (July 2020)

I personally purchased a new connection of Airtel Platinum plan and previously I’ve been using broadband connection and Jio Mobile Data together and I’d like to now Break down the decision of Buying a New Airtel Platinum connection in terms of Price, Speed, Easiness in Purchasing and After Service
Now let’s get started 

  1. What is Airtel Platinum?

  2. Does airtel platinum actually works?

  3. After Serive? Customer Care? 

  4. Should I buy airtel plantinum ?

  5. How to check if you already a member of Airtel Platinum?

  6. What are the advantages of Airtel Platinum?

  7. What are the alternatives of Airtel Platinum?

  8. What is the speed of Airtel Platinum plans?

  9. What other services and free subscription you get with Airtel Platinum? 

So What is Airtel Platinum? 

comparison between airtel platinum, airtel gold and airtel silver
comparison between airtel platinum, airtel gold and airtel silver

According to one of the India’s Largest Telecom Provider, Airtel have launched a new marketing campaign that we all must have seen on TV or YouTube where they talk about the number of queries and complaints they have resolved and how much they are transparent about it, along with they quoted that by switching to Airtel Platinum Plan you’ll be having a 4g priority network coverage and high speed Data
So Airtel Platinum is an upgrade to 4g Priority Network Coverage that comes with inbuilt services such as Zee5 and Amazon Prime etc.

Now let’s Talk about what are the Plans and Offers available with Airtel Platinum

There are 4 plans that Airtel Platinum have launched with free subscription to Amazon prime and Zee5 etc

  • Plan 1: Rs499 plan Comes With 75GB Data
  • Plan 2: Rs749 plan Come with 125GB Data
  • Plan 3: Rs999 plan Comes with  150GB Data
  • Plan 4: Rs1599 plan Comes with Unlimited Data
All plans include with carry forward data where you can have the remaining data carry forwarded to your next month’s quota.

Does Airtel Platinum Plans actually provide good Speed? 

Answer is a Big “NO”, not at least to me! My Jio Mobile Data is working better and consistently, I’m totally tired of constant network issues with my New Platinum connection.

Let me share the complete story with you, So it started when I needed a high speed internet connection in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh and just like you I saw the ad and bought the connection to do my office work easily but it turned out to be a very big mistake, there’s no meaning of free subscription of Amazon Prime when you’re getting a Speed of 20KBps-80KBpsSo after facing the issue I tried contacting the customer care but it shows error every time I open the customer support section from My Airtel App.

So I basically purchased a Hotspot Device With my connection and that device is also not working properly, it gets switched off any time and when I tried to contact the Airtel’s Executive who delivered it to me, he said he’ll come next day and that next day have not yet come!


How to Buy a new Airtel Platinum Connection?

Airtel is very Fast when it comes to make a new custom

You’re just need to fill the form given in the below link and they will deliver and activate the plan within 5-6 hours

What is the Speed of Airtel Platinum Plan?

Company Promise to Provide priority 4g Network which means at least 4g Speed however I’m barely being able to browse so I can’t really say anything about speed.

What are the Alternatives to Airtel Plantinum?

You can Purchase a new Postpaid Vodafone plan Which is at the same price and It’s better in terms of Speed.

What are the free Subscription and services you get with Airtel Plantinum Plan?

You get a free Subscription of Xtreme, Zee5 and Amazon Prime in addition of Device Damage Coverage.

Should I switch To Airtel Plantinum?

 I don’t recommend switching to Airtel Plantinum as I figured that company is saying “priority 4g coverage” just for the sake of marketing campaign, there’s absolutely no actual difference then using a Jio plan after exhausting your data and using Airtel Platinum Plan

How is the after Service of Airtel Platinum?

After getting speed issue I tried reaching out to customer care through customer support option from My Airtel App and it seems to be Not functioning and I’m getting error every time I open it.

And the executive is not coming to check my hotspot device.

Note: when you purchase a new connection they ask you if you want a mobile plan or immobile plan It mean if you choose a Mobile plan then you won’t get any free subscription but Rs 2000 will he adjusted into your next month’s bill and if you choose immobile plan then you’ll get free subscriptions but there will be no adjustments into the upfront amount that you gonna pay for the device.

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