How to Start Freelancing?

Find something you’re good at, don’t worry about if anybody need it or not just Hone your Skills to a level where You start calling yourself an Expert then start digging for the Industries that runs over the skills you have mastered and try to connect with them through every possible channel such as Linkedin, facebook groups or Instagram.

What is a Freelancer?

Let’s say you are a student and during your summer break you learnt a skill set which you feel like you’re actually good at then there many people and Companies who would want you to do their work without meeting them or going to the office and where you Don’t have to dedicate a particular hours of your time, you’ll be needing to fulfill the given task(s) into a particular time frame, now it’s upon you when you wanna do that, you can work all day long for like 30mins followed by a break of 2 hours.



the payment will be done based on how you negotiate it, it could be completely upfront, recurring or after work also.


Whatever suits you, you can work that way

In Short

Freelancer is someone who works freely from it's desired place and time for an individual or a company in order to fulfill the given task and the same will be paid as per the agreement.

How do I know if I'm Ready for Freelancing and when is the right time should I start considering working as a freelancer?

Well there’s no right time and neither you will ever be ready So, the answer is start your journey right away because you are not going to get projects for a long time and this is where you’ll understand the need of upgradation in skills and the way you propose your offers, You’ll realize that your pitch is getting improve every time you get rejected.

How to get a first freelance project?

  • Join startup groups and digital marketing groups on Facebook
  • Interact with the people those who are posting and commenting
  • Provide them a suitable price, go lower if you have to
  • Work for less money in the beginning.
  • Boom! You'll get your first unexpected client's confirmation call in the middle of the lunch.
  • Now keep on working for a cheaper price for around 10 clients.

How to avoid getting scammed as a new freelancer?

Now you might be hungry for big projects so you’ll be reaching out excessively which eventually bring some unwanted attention.


My Experience – I applied for Freelance Digital Marketer at PaiTechCo


I got a call next day in around 7pm (an organized company never call you at this hour, I didn’t realize, I was excited as usual) 

Interviewer – Tell me about yourself

Me – I told him about everything I recently worked upon, all the case studies right over the phone call and my minimum Charges for the Services he was looking for and I clearly asked him whether he’s comfortable with it or not and he said he’s okay with that and my asking Charges was 35k 

I also added that if you want to check my skills, I can better explain it with my work, so if you can provide me with a user case then I’d be happy to provide you a marketing Methodology for the same in order to prove myself that I’m skilled in it

Interviewer – I’m glad we spoke and your work is impressive, I’ll call you tomorrow with Managing Directors on the call


Next Day – Interviewer called me next-day with a User Case that he wanted me to provide him a Marketing Road-map of so I instantly given him a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy for the same then he said how much will I charge just for handling ad accounts, I said I’ll charge 20k-25k for 4-10 accounts based on the size of the company and he said he’s okay with the amount to pay.


He further added 2 more user cases which I given a few marketing Strategies for and I started doubting like what’s going on.


Then he asked me to provide the same conversation that we had into written format and he was being very pushy about getting the Marketing Strategy in Written so I said I’ll provide it to you in video format but he insisted to Written Format.


Next Day He Sent me 4 different company names and asked me to Provide a Marketing Strategy for each of it.


I told him that I have done recording a video, explaining the marketing strategy of one company then right after it I received the con-call from PaiTechCo (PaiTechCo is a Scam) where there were three members in it, the interviewer and two managing directors 


They asked me for the same first day thing and for the marketing strategy I’ve created 


So, I briefed them all right over the phone call in a very comprehensive way 


They said it’s good, and let’s have another call to finalize.


I also sent the recorded video of my marketing strategy which I also uploaded to YouTube, then they got freaked out like a cheap company that why am I posting the strategy on YouTube where you should only use it for us! 

This made me sick, words like this from a Company made me realize why I always felt suffocated about Corporate


The director of the company texted me that I shouldn’t be posting it on YouTube


We have a call afterwards, she said it’s okay you’re posting but be careful about the policies of the company you’re going to work for 

I said I understand 

She said okay, you’re almost finalized and we definitely liked your work also the strategy you provided yesterday, client liked that but they want a 10 days road map now and also make a marketing strategy for the other three companies as well


I said I’m not feeling good about the way you people are keep on giving me new tasks in the name of “CLARITY” 

Then she (Director) said, you’re almost finalized, if not the strategy for all 4 then just do for 1 company which you’ve done earlier for 3 months plan, do that for 10 days and you’re selected.


I sent them a video of 10 days plan 


I got a call from the “other” Director, he started talking about different job profile (Business Development Executive and Complete Digital Marketing) for me and said there will be 7 companies that you’ll be working for so I told him the respective charges which would be 90k Minimum 

He said he has a budget of 25-30k for Entire Business Development (including everything from Business Strategies, Digital Marketing, Copywriting, Marketing Research etc.) for 7 Companies


I understood what they were trying to do in last 4 days in a fraction of sec.


He intentionally changed the entire Job Profile and lower the offering to its extreme so that I pass the offer by myself and they would escape clean.



They were fooling me just for the sake of ideas and marketing strategies for their current projects which they were incapable of handling themselves.

Don’t do the same mistake as I’ve done.


Create your portfolio and that would be enough to express the abilities you have upon which the Recruiter can hire you



Don’t go beyond the to fulfill the greed of Uncultured Recruiters.

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