"I don't respond to Political Propaganda or Feminist Talks because I have Bigger things to Look after such as working towards Creating a Business so I can Help people with Employment."
Vishal Pathak

My Education


I struggled passing out high school then I had to make a decision what to do
next but I wasn’t so thoughtful back then and under peer pressure I end up joining Resonance, Kota!

I didn’t realize it wasn’t for me and I kept on struggling with studies and as
expected I couldn’t make it in JEE so Joined a Bachelor course in a Private
College and again I started to failing there too.


By the end of 2nd year I was sure that institutional education is not compatible
with how I visualize things and started working on an Art Curated startup and
went on a several Startup summits back in 2016 where I Met Shradha Sharma
and many other Startup Founders and this was one of the most beautiful day of
my Life because first time I was able to connect with people having same goals
and find out how beautiful it is to be irrational.

I started an Art Selling Platform in 3rd year and there were no courier pickup service available so I used to go to the Post Office in an auto rickshaw during Lunch time to handover the parcel.


When I made my first Sales, In beginning it felt like dream coming true
irrespective of tremendous energy I have invested or the losses, I decided
to Level Up and Started several businesses.

Now I am a Self Made Copywriter, Graphic Designer, Video Editor, E-commerce
Specialist, Social Media Marketer but top of it I like calling myself a
Man of Failure who made 2 millions+ in Revenue single-handedly in one month and living Independent Since my Later Teenage.

if you really are into growth

Invest in Educating Yourself and in Kindness for a few years and rest will be a good story for you to tell.